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Kitchen Appliance Repair

Kitchen Appliance Repair in Lexington, KY

When it comes to providing quality kitchen appliance repair in Lexington, KY, you can count on the experts at A-1 Appliance Service.  Our team of highly trained employees can assist in repairing your appliance at an affordable price and in a reasonable amount of time.  We take pride in our ability to satisfy our customers so they remain customers for a lifetime.  

Give us a call today for all your kitchen appliance repair needs.

Appliance Repair Services

Refrigerators - We know how inconvenient it can be for your refrigerator not to work properly.  Whether you are experiencing frosting in the refrigerator or maybe it's not getting cold enough, no matter what the problem is, we can help.  

Freezers - If you have a freezer problem, A-1 Appliance Service can help.  If you have a freezer that is not making ice or you have a deep freezer that keeps leaking, we know the most common problems that can occur so we can have it fixed in no time.  

Ranges/Cook Tops/Ovens - Is your casserole taking too long to cook or is your water taking forever to boil?  It might be time to have your stove looked at.  We work on gas & electric stoves so don't hesitate, give us a call today!

For Expert Kitchen Appliance Repair, Call A-1 Appliance Service!

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